There is a special reason why we dedicate our blog to a prom night and to everything that relates to it.
This reason is a magical transformation when a girl turns into a stunningly gorgeous princess who shines and reveals her blossoming beauty, making everyone’s jaw dropped.

A prom night is a very first time when a girl wears an ultimately glamorous “red-carpet style” dress knowing she’ll steal all the attention!

That’s why choosing a right type of the dress with a perfectly matching bra, shoes and accessories is the task #1 for every girl.

Our blog is all about preparation to that amazing prom night! Our authors are professionals in fashion, style, make-up, and psychology so we will share our thoughts, insights, advice, tips and we hope all this will be very helpful for our readers.

The huge amount of our content is dedicated to clothing for a prom night but we also post excellent guides on how to choose prom lingerie. Although the bra is hidden under the dress, it still must be of the right style, color and size, so we share the best examples of outfits with matching underwear.

Although the audience of our blog is mainly girls, we post articles and advice for boys we all so they are perfectly prepared to meet their princesses at the most memorable night of Prom. So, gentlemen – join us and grab some wise thoughts!

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Let’s make a prom night truly unforgettable!