An ultimate guide on how to choose a bra for a backless dress

Nothing beats backless dresses in terms of making your look hot and seductive! Still, picking the right type of the bra for a backless dress could be quite challenging.

Without a doubt, the best solution modern ladies can rely on is the countless variety of adhesive backless bras which provide excellent support for breasts while giving your open back a totally braless look.

To make you aware of all benefits of wearing a bra for backless dress and give you a comprehensive description of all types of backless bras we’d offer reading this excellent guide at

There you’ll read about the difference between backless bras (there are several types of them) and about the rules of taking care of adhesive bras. Along with that, you’ll find a step-by-step instruction on the correct way of wearing and taking off your backless bra so you can be sure your outfit and underwear looks flawless whatever the occasion.

In the article you’ll get a full-size guide on when you should wear, for example, a low back bra instead of adhesive one, and when it’s better to wear a strapless adhesive U-plunge bra and so on. It’s absolutely worth reading and taking notes about. Visit the guide and become even more sophisticated in picking and wearing lingerie.

The best online stores to buy your perfect prom dress

We bet you realize that your prom dress is supposed to be a gorgeous frame, where you are the precious shining jewel.

Indeed, your prom night will never happen again, so your look must be outstanding, memorable and very special. Along with your hairdo and shoes, a dress is an essential element of your prom look, so you need to choose wisely and preferably under the guidance of a professional stylist.

Many girls prefer custom made dresses and it’s quite a good option, as you’ll be sure the dress will fit perfect. Still, there are thousands of unbelievably beautiful dresses you can find at online stores. So, in case you’ve decided to choose your prom dress online, we have prepared a great review on the best online stores to buy a prom dress. (link)

The prom dresses section of online store is beyond impressive. It is literally an endless choice of dresses you’ll have to stroll through, but that only means you will find your exclusive dress guaranteed.

The store represents most popular fashion brands, including such industry stars as Badgley Mischka, Calvin Klein, Nicole Miller, Rsvp, Adrianna Papell and others.

For the classic goddess style we recommend this short sleeve dress of champagne color. An absolute embodiment of romantic spirit, this dress is featured with a translucent panel and decorated with sparkling elements.

6pm prom dress rsvp Faenza Short Sleeve Dress

For the hotter look consider this red lace halter gown by Aidan Mattox with an entirely open back. The dress highlights feminine curves and fits perfectly whatever your body type.

6pm prom dress Aidan Mattox Long Lace Halter Gown with Open Back and Cut Out Sides

For the luxurious classy look opt for this floral black gown by Adrianna Papell with the sheer front part.

6pm prom dress Adrianna Papell Floral Beaded Godet Gown

Find out more stunningly awesome prom dresses at very moderate prices with worldwide shipping.

Nordstrom (link)

Nordstrom store represents several most well-known clothing brands of a middle price range.

Dresses section allows you to choose from stunning pieces where each one is a designer masterpiece. Our beloved brand Adrianna Papell is represented by dozens of prom gowns where this one is our favorite. Classical chic is embodied in this mesh sparkling long gown of a nude-gold color.

Nordstrom Short Sleeve Sequin Mesh Gown (Regular & Petite)

Here you may shop by brand, dress type, clothing rating or by price. All filters are made for the fastest and easiest search for your perfect prom dress.

Asos (link)

The legendary Asos store offers more than a thousand of prom dresses models and features dozens brands. Whatever the style of the prom dress you are searching for, you will find exactly what’s needed. Short, midi, long dresses are sorted by price and relevance and smart filters allow searching by given parameters (size, style, fit, color, brand, etc.).

As to our favorite dresses from Asos store we’ve picked few absolutely incredible gowns which will make you look the Queen of the night.

Take a look at this stunning bandeau long dress by the English brand TFNC. The slim fit dress is made from lined stretch fabric which is all embellished with sequins. The strapless top reveals a great cleavage sweetheart style.

Asos prom dress TFNC Bandeau Maxi Dress In Wave Sequin

Another dress which is supposed to make everyone speechless is this stretch woven gown by Lipsy. Navy blue dress with the round neckline and its see-through front part is featured with delicate and noble lace details.

Asos prom dress Lipsy Delicate Lace Trim Maxi Dress

Asos offers students 10% discount for any prom dress. Free shipping and no sales taxes.

Zappos (link)

Zappos covers the brands we all love and it offers one of the largest selection of prom dresses models: long and short sleeved dresses, dresses with floral and animal prints, elegant lace featured gowns and gorgeous classy long dressed.

If you are looking for strapless open shoulders dress we recommend you to take a look at this one by Badgley Mischka. Absolutely gorgeous and exclusive silk ruffle front gown is a bit too pricey but just look at the color and that neckline! Pair it with the shiny necklace and beautiful hair updo and you’ll appear like a Hollywood star at your prom night.

Zappos prom dress Badgley Mischka Off The Shoulder Silk Ruffle Front Gown

This dress has also left us breathless due to its inimitable elegance and exquisite design. Famous prom dresses designer Adrianna Papell embellished this delicate chiffon piece with shimmering elements. There is simply no better option for an amazing romantic yet sophisticated prom look.

Zappos prom dress Adrianna Papell Beaded Illusion Gown (Prom)

Amazon (link)

Amazon trade platform is a true paradise in terms of the abundance of all kinds of dresses, including, of course, dresses for prom. What is great about Amazon is that you can see the whole range of prices for the certain dress you like. Put in other words, you can get the same dress at 50 or 100 dollars, depending on the seller, size and the fact whether this item is available in stock at the moment or you will have to preorder it.

You may compare prices and terms of shipping and choose the best offer for the dress you’ve picked as your prom one.
For instance – take a look at this gorgeous elegant prom gown offered in several colors!

Amazon Prom Dress GRACE KARIN Chiffon V Back Evening Dresses Long Prom Gown With Beads Appliques

How to choose a perfect, wow-looking prom dress!

Choosing a prom dress takes way more than just going to the store and picking what’s caught your eye.

Prom night happens once in a lifetime and leaves the brightest memories you’ll carry throughout the life. This is the night when a young goddess reveals her most gorgeous self, making everyone around say “Wow”. Like a butterfly, she spreads the wings of her full-force beauty for the first time and the proper dress helps her to fly!

That “Wow” effect is guaranteed if you’ll follow the tips below. Let’s take a closer look what we mean when we say “perfect dress” and why “perfect” for someone doesn’t always mean “perfect” for you.

Type of the prom dress, according to your body shape.

Busty shape.

This is a body type when a bust area is significantly heavier than the lower part and the waistline is not defined well. In case you have a busty shape, your best option is the dress which adds volume to the lower part and defines the waist line. Consider the long dress with a bouffant of a full skirt, like you can see in this picture

busty shape prom dress

Pear shape.

If your hips are way wider than your shoulders and chest area – you are definitely a “pear”. That means your perfect dress must enhance your upper part through adding voluminous sleeves or decorations on the cleavage area. Another option – is an open shoulders dress with a full skirt, hiding the extra volume on your hips area. Take a look at this:

pear shape prom dress

Apple shape.

That means the most weight of your body is concentrated in the middle part. Apple shaped girls usually have slim legs so the short loose dress without defined waistline would be the best option.

apple shape prom dress

Hourglass shape.

You have proportional curves of chest and hips area so your dress must emphasize your amazing shape. Consider long tight dress with widening skirt or the “mermaid” style dress like the one on this picture:

hourglass shape prom dress

Petite and slender shapes.

You should opt for slim long dresses and avoid dresses of midi length (midi often makes legs look shorter). Actually, you can wear whatever the prom dress style you prefer and you’ll look amazing in everything. Still, your best choices are ultra-short and ultra-long sleeveless dresses with V-neckline.

petite and slender shapes prom dress

Themes and colors

If you really want to stand out of a crowd, than picking a beautiful and perfectly fitting dress is still not enough. Dozens of other girls will also look at their best, so it’s time to think creative. If prom party is no thematic, choose your own theme and make the entire outfit in style. Let’s say you choose sea world theme, so you pick a blue “mermaid-style” gown with silver fish scale necklace and earrings. Take a look

blue mermaid style prom dress

How about being literally the Queen of the Night in a stunning dress which imitates starry night? Choose deep-dark blue “princess-style” gown, decorated with thousands of “stars” (shiny stones). We assure you, you’ll steal attention and hearts of everyone. Look at this mesmerizing magic:

2017 princess style prom dress

Few words about picking the right color must be said. Nude, gold, beige and white colors are good for brunettes. Whatever bright and strikingly beautiful dress is, it still must not outshine you and your face.

nude prom dress 2017

Red, dark blue, black colors are the best for natural blondes as the dress becomes a bright frame which stands in contrast to their pale skin.

red prom dress

Yellow, green, terracotta, silver colors are excellent for chestnut and red haired girls with both pale and olive skin tone. Pink, brown and all kinds of pastel colors are better to be avoided.

green prom dress