Best hairdos ideas for the Prom Night!

Dear young lady, we know, you are preparing for the big Prom Night. You have probably chosen an amazing dress and shoes already, but you should remember that your hairdo is your crown for that night. Let your “crown” be the most delightful one and suit your face the best! We are here to give you some excellent and fresh ideas on prom hairdos, so let’s begin.

Long hair

Having long hair gives you an endless number of options for beautiful hair updos. First of all choose the style you want to be in: romantic, chic, or wild and somewhat messy and dramatic? Needless to say but your hairstyle must be in line with the concept of your overall look.

For a romantic style opt for an updo with face-framing tiny locks. It’s always a winning choice, especially with the classic style of your evening gown. To emphasize the romantic note use trendy braids around the head. Take a look at the best and iconic examples:

For a dramatic and sexy look – choose the updo where your hair is smoothened and straightened and pulled back into a ponytail. Note: this type of a hairdo is perfect to pair with the trendy black neck-chocker.

For an outstanding chic and “Hollywood” style look, opt for one of those classic pinup “movie star” timeless updos. By pairing this type of hairdo with the jeweled long gown you will get yourself a champion’s place among all the beautiful girls at the prom night. Red lipstick is mandatory for this hairstyle.

Short and medium-length hair

For a trendy vintage hairstyle opt for a perfect hairdo where you make a big wave (or two) on the top while the ends are all curled. You just can’t fail with this hairdo:

vintage hairstyle

For a dramatic yet chic look try curly, slightly messy on the ends locks. This hairdo is a great choice for all styles of prom dresses so it’s just can’t go wrong with it:

look try curly, slightly messy on the ends locks

Curly locks are always winners. It’s feminine, more sensual than a straight hair. Even if you have a short haircut – curl your ends a bit and you are already a star ready for a night out.

There are thousands of great hairdo ideas for medium length hair, but we offer these two, which are absolute winners on our mind:

Anyway, whatever the hairdo you’ll choose for your prom, remember there will be a long night full of activities and dancing so try not to put too much hairspray to not to have your hair too fixed. One occasional touch or wrong move and you’ll not be able to make your hairdo looking good again. So, opt for flexible, slightly messy hairstyles suitable for your young age and wild spirit!