Eight winning ways to ask a girl to prom!

The most exciting night is so close and you can’t stop thinking on how to ask your crush to prom.

No worries!

There are few amazing creative ways to ask her to prom with maximum chances of getting her “yes”.

1. Be original.

Make a brochure with the title “Guide on how to have the best prom night ever” and give it to her. Let her open the brochure with instruction where she’ll find the first paragraph saying “First, go to prom with Andrew” (put your own name of course).

2. Be creative.

Go to the online dictionary, put the word Prom and copy the link with interpretation. Send her the link by email like it’s something she’ll have to see by all means.

#2 – Write a short review or article about something she is interested in and hide your proposal inside the piece. Give her the link and wait for her “yes”!

3. Be adorable.

A puppy or a cat with the “Prom” sticker on its back is probably the cutest offer she has ever received.

Nothing can go wrong with that!

prom puppy

4. Be a gentleman.

Get flowers petals and create “Prom” word near the entrance door of her house. Call her when she is home and ask to look at the window or to come out of the house as something is going on near her doors.

Wait for her reaction!

5. Be playful.

That’s a true bomb in terms of an effect it’ll make on the girl. Ask four of your friends come close to you when you and the girl are having conversation. They are staying in front of you silently and when she asks what’s going on, they pull up their shirts exposing the letters of Prom word on their stomachs. Each letter is drawn on each friend’s stomach.

6. Be delicious.

How about ordering a pizza with “Prom” word formed by pieces of sausage on the top? Here is another option: buy her a box of donuts and ask her to give you one. When she opens the box she sees a “Prom” word on the inner side of the box. Ta-da!

be delicious

7. Be mysterious.

Ask her to help you with solving a puzzle where she’ll finally get that “Will you go to Prom with me” phrase.

8. Be precious!

We mean – be literally precious by presenting a trendy Pandora bracelet with the letters-jewels, creating the word “Prom”. You can do the same trick with the necklace. Ask her to close her eyes and wear the necklace with letters on her neck and then let her look in the mirror. Catch the priceless reaction!

be precious