How to choose the best heels for the prom night!

Let’s start with the statement that your prom heels must be beautiful and comfortable at the same time. Don’t forget, you are supposed to dance all night long! Our guide is for giving you some advice on choosing your best pair or prom shoes which you will not want to take off in an hour after the prom night starts.

Shoes must match you dress.

Well, it’s a common truth your heels must match the dress, but what does it mean – “match”? Gone are the days when fashion dogma told us that heels and bag must be of the same color as the dress. Nope. After all – it’s boring.

Shoes must be in line with the concept or your entire look. That means if you are wearing breezy chiffon delicate gown you should opt for elegant shoes with thin high heels whatever the color you prefer. The best option is always a contrast: if your dress if of nude or pastel pink color – choose bright shiny heels, possibly jeweled or decorated with shiny elements.

Shoes must be “danceable”!

You don’t want your shoes to become your torture, right? You will have to dance and walk all night long.

So the first thing you should pay attention to, is how comfortable your feet with high heels? If you are not used to high heels you may try midi heels or shoes without heels at all. Believe us, there are plenty of beautiful shoes without those catwalk-like monster heels. Take a look:

If you still choose high heels, make sure you are correct with your size, so your feet don’t slip inside and out. If you want to dance comfortably, choose heels with the strap across the foot.

heels with the strap across the foot

Experience says us that if you really love to dance and you want high heels, you should opt for platform shoes. Those are trendy and there are enormous amount of types, models, colors, etc.

The platform allows your feet feel comfortable as there is no concentrated pressure on the ball of your foot.

platform prom heels

And finally the winning heel model which looks sexy and trendy and lets you dance comfortably all night long is a platform high heels sandals with the T-strap. You foot is reliably fixed even if shoes doesn’t match your size perfectly. Celebs, bloggers, stars – everyone prefer T-strap heels for a dancing night.

Consider one of these:

Whatever the type of heels you prefer, don’t forget these simple truths:

  • patent leather shoes (shiners) always look more attractive;
    shoes with thin heels make the leg look thinner and longer as well;
    high heels are obligatory if you are wearing a dress of a midi-length (otherwise your legs will look short);
    forget wedge heels, those are for jeans or mini dresses only;
    thick high heels are good with the disco style and party dresses, not with long gowns.
    If you are in doubts – choose black (for the dark color of the dress) or gold (for the light shade of the dress) heels. Black and gold are universal colors which match any color of the prom dress you are wearing.